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True Blood Season 5 – Promos

28 Mar

True Blood 2008 logo.svg

Forget Game of Thrones for just a second…and remind yourself of yet another HBO (summer) hit: True Blood!

This just came in: HBO teases the upcoming season (season 5) with three (3!) promos…

Well, that’s a treat for True Blood fans…

Check it out on TV Fanatic:

True Blood Season 5 Promos – Echoes from the Past

Source: TV Fanatic


Game of Thrones – You Win or You Die

27 Mar

Game of Thrones fans beware, season 2 starts in less than a week!

For those who can’t wait any longer, here’s a 22 minute video looking back at what happened in season 1 and what’s going to happen in the eagerly awaited season 2. Enjoy!