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Gossip Girl 5×18 – Canadian Promo

28 Mar

You’ve got to love Canadian promos…

…Dair…check it out yourself 🙂

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Gossip Girl 5×18 “Con Heir” – Sneak Peek

28 Mar

Brand new sneak peek of Monday’s episode of Gossip Girl (“Con Heir”)…enjoy!

Gossip Girl "Con Heir" Clip - Chuck and Jack

Gossip Girl "Con Heir" Clip - Chuck and Jack (Source: TV Fanatic)

Source: TV Fanatic

Sheldon meets Spock

27 Mar

First look at Leonard Nimoy’s guest starring in The Big Bang Theory…

…Sheldon vs. Spock?! Fun is a must!

Sheldon vs. Spock

For more info visit Televisionando‘s post (in Italian) on the upcoming episode 🙂