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Joshua Safran teases Gossip Girl season 5 finale and Dair

30 Mar

Joshua Safran teases Gossip Girl season 5 finale and Dair

What’s up for Dair?! What will change by the end of the current season?!

Joshua Safran revelas some juicy details in an exclusive interview with TV Fanatic

Be prepared there’s is going to be a cliffhanger…blimey!

Source: TV Fanatic


Gossip Girl 5×20 – Synopsis

29 Mar

Let me just state: it’s not raining men, but info on Gossip Girl!

Not bad, not bad…

Dan and Blair Kiss!

Hope for Dair?!

New info: the synopsis of the 20th episode of season 5 has been released today 😀

Apparently, there will be hope for Dair shippers…at least until “Salon of the Dead” (5×20) airs…

Curious?! Consult TV Fanatic’s article: http://www.tvfanatic.com/2012/03/gossip-girl-episode-synopsis-salon-of-the-dead/

Source: TV Fanatic

Gossip Girl 5×18 – Canadian Promo

28 Mar

You’ve got to love Canadian promos…

…Dair…check it out yourself 🙂

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Gossip Girl 5×18 – Producers’ Preview

28 Mar

Monday?! April, 2nd?! All new GG episode!!!

And it appears that it’s going to be a though one for the Dair couple…at least that’s what GG producers say:

Dair Screen Grab

Dair, beware!

Enjoy the GG producers’ talk/preview on TV Fanatic