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The Vampire Diaries – Sneak Peek 3×19

16 Apr

The Vampire Diaries - Sneak Peek 3x19

Sneak peek “Heart of Darkness” (C) The CW

Source: Youtube


The Vampire Diaries 3×19 Promo Song

2 Apr

For all those of you who, like me, became obsessed with the song at the end of the TVD promo…

The mistery has been lifted:

It’s “Turn it Back” by Nik Ammar, enjoy!


Joshua Safran teases Gossip Girl season 5 finale and Dair

30 Mar

Joshua Safran teases Gossip Girl season 5 finale and Dair

What’s up for Dair?! What will change by the end of the current season?!

Joshua Safran revelas some juicy details in an exclusive interview with TV Fanatic

Be prepared there’s is going to be a cliffhanger…blimey!

Source: TV Fanatic

The Vampire Diaries – 3×19 Promo

30 Mar

Who enjoyed this week’s “The Vampire Diaries” installment?!

Who is eager to have a look at what’s up next?!

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Bones: Renewed For Season 8!

29 Mar
Swoon Alert!

Booth and Bones to welcome their baby on the next episode

Change of scenery – Bones move from its Thursday slot to Mondays – and good news for Bones fans:

1) Fox is airing a brand new episode, and what an episode (the baby is here!), next Monday…

2) Bones has been renewed for an 8th season!

In the meantime check out the brand new promo for the upcoming episode (s07e07), airing on April, 2nd, on TV Fanatic: Bones: Renewed For Season 8! – TV Fanatic.

Are you tuning in? What do you expect from the next episodes?

Source: TV Fanatic


Bart Bass to Reappear on Gossip Girl – TV Fanatic

29 Mar

Bart Bass to Reappear on Gossip Girl - TV Fanatic

A visit from the dead?!

Gossip Girl 5×20 – Synopsis

29 Mar

Let me just state: it’s not raining men, but info on Gossip Girl!

Not bad, not bad…

Dan and Blair Kiss!

Hope for Dair?!

New info: the synopsis of the 20th episode of season 5 has been released today 😀

Apparently, there will be hope for Dair shippers…at least until “Salon of the Dead” (5×20) airs…

Curious?! Consult TV Fanatic’s article:

Source: TV Fanatic

Castle – Firefly Reunion

28 Mar

More guest stars on Castle 🙂

Keck’s Exclusives: Firefly Friends Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin Reunite on Castle – Today’s News: Our Take |

Source: TV Guide

Doctor Who – The New Companion

28 Mar

Amy and Rory are set to leave Doctor Who during series 7…

…so will be the Doctor’s next companion?!

Exec producer Steven Moffat and the BBC lifted the mistery just as the shooting for the new series begun: Jenna-Louise Coleman!

First interview on BBC:  🙂

Source: BBC, Lega Nerd

True Blood Season 5 – Promos

28 Mar

True Blood 2008 logo.svg

Forget Game of Thrones for just a second…and remind yourself of yet another HBO (summer) hit: True Blood!

This just came in: HBO teases the upcoming season (season 5) with three (3!) promos…

Well, that’s a treat for True Blood fans…

Check it out on TV Fanatic:

True Blood Season 5 Promos – Echoes from the Past

Source: TV Fanatic